Facts about auto24.ee

Auto24.ee has 400 000 visits every week

Auto24.ee has circa 80 000 - 100 000 viewers and 2 000 000 adviews every day. There are 400 000 visitors in a week and they make 14 million pagevisits (March 2017).

Auto24.ee has 10 times more adviews than 10 competing autoportals all together

10 other 'carportals' who are also in neti.ee catalog have 1000 till 90 000 adviews per day (auto24.ee week's average is 2 000 000 per day). Numbers are based on publically avaible statistics and car view statistics.

95% of Estonian biggest carshops enter their ads to auto24.ee

About 430 car dealers use auto24.ee to enter here all ads.

In comparison with other ad enviroments in Estonian internet auto24.ee has unopposedly the largest amount of visitors and adviews

Auto24.ee is the most visited ad environment in Estonia (about 14 million adviews and 400 000 visitors per week). Closest competitors\\' collect more than 5 times less pageviews.

Auto24.ee has the biggest autoforum with 1 200 000 messages

Auto24.ee forum is the most active carforum in Estonia. About 1 200 000 messages are posted here and forum activity is still rising: about 200 new messages every day.